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Keystone Aviation Training Center (KATS)

Centrally located within the Commonwealth in the heart of Lancaster, KATS will serve as a ‘Center-of-Excellence’, where public programs operate alongside commercial endeavours and academic training. This ‘pooling’ of government, academia and commercial resources will shape the unmanned industry for the betterment of the State.

As the center-piece of the statewide initiative, KATS will connect government, industry and academia to advance the use of unmanned technology. Through collaborative efforts with State and Federal agencies, KATS will play a crucial role for adoption of advanced operations, such as passenger transportation and unmanned package delivery.

McGinness Innovation Park (MIP)

Technology parks are key elements of the infrastructure supporting the growth of today’s global knowledge economy. By providing a location in which government, private sector and universities cooperate, these parks create environments that foster collaboration and innovation. They enhance the development, transfer and commercialization of industry, like unmanned technology.

McGinness Innovation Park (MIP), originally created by George McGinness in the 1940’s, has a rich aviation history within the State. Located in the heart of Columbia, PA, the site is within centrally located along three key transportation nodes: the Susquehanna River, rail lines and the Central PA interstate corridor with easy access to numerous population centers along the east coast.

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